Independence • Responsibility • Resilience
Co-operation • Respect • Pride

School Council

Eglinton School Council is an integral part of Eglinton School. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. 

The School Council is led by Neesha Rayatt

Meet the Councillors

Our School Councillors play an active, conscious, democratic role in their community.

During the Autumn term Eglinton Primary School recruited their new school councillors which change on a yearly basis. This gives a vast range of pupils the opportunity to take on the responsibility and to have an active voice within their school. During recruiting the children complete a manifesto, prepare a speech and campaign for their place as a school councillor. Their class then votes for the best candidate.

Eglinton School Council strives to achieve their vision by meeting every Wednesday at 3.00pm to discuss current issues. Follow up meetings take place in class on Fridays and the School Councillors report back to the next meeting.

A message from the children

Our School Council helps improve Eglinton and make better changes to the school. Being a school councillor also comes with responsibilities such as coming to meetings. Without the School Council the school wouldn’t have made so many positive changes. The School Council listens to other people’s ideas and look out for any improvements that can be made. It also means that you need to be broad shouldered to carry the responsibility and to care for other people’s ideas and suggestions.

We have been able to add more activities to the playground. We have collected other ideas from other children in the school and have been able to bring exciting competitions to the school. We have also brought the astro turf into the ball court.

Being a school councillor makes you look at everything differently and gives you an opportunity to have a voice in the school and to represent the voice of all children.