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Eglinton Two Year Olds Provision

 Welcome to Rainbow Class; our Two Year Olds provision. As part of our school we offer funded places for two year olds. If you are eligible and would like a place, please contact our school office on 02088546917.

Rainbow Class follows the Foundation Stage Curriculum underpinned by the Early Years Outcomes which are progressive, building on the skills and knowledge that a child already has.  Our main focus is on Communication and Language; Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development and this is approached through the children's needs and interests.

We approach our learning through structured play-based activities which encourage the child to learn at their own pace and ability. Play is a key way in which young children learn. It is enjoyable and challenging. We ensure that play is purposeful and carefully planned objectives can be worked towards in a variety of learning situations which have the characteristics of play. It is important to remember that young children do not learn passively. They learn best by doing and being actively involved in their learning.  Our Two Year Olds have the opportunity to play alongside our three year olds but we recognise the specific needs of Two Year Olds which is why they have an area of the provision which is dedicated to supporting their unique needs. 

The Two-Year Check

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requires that parents and carers must be supplied with a short written summary of their child’s development in the three prime learning and development areas of the EYFS: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development; and Communication and Language; when the child is aged between 24-36 months.  We will carry out the check during the child’s second half term in our setting in liaison with parents. 


Intimate Care Policy

2 Year Olds Policy