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Safe Use of the Internet

With the summer holidays fast approaching, this is an ideal time to remind parents/carers and pupils about safe use of the internet.

It’s important that parents/carers are aware of their child’s internet use and to see that their child’s safe use of the internet is something that they can control e.g. establishing amount of use; getting enough sleep; permissions around apps and their age limits and content; being confident to talk to them about behaving positively online.


Here are some useful websites which offer advice to parents/carers.

(Gives a lot of information about each app or social media site and is a great basis for discussion and for parents/carers taking greater control over permissions)

(Helps parents and carers to  set up internet linked devices)

(Has lots of resources and safety advice that children and parents/carers could look at together.)


Wishing everyone a happy and safe summer.