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Sports Premium

The government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum for the academic years 2013 to 2020 to improve the provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding - provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport - will be allocated to primary school headteachers and will be spent on the provision of PE and sport in schools.

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Sports Premium 2018-2019

Estimated Sports premium funding for 2018-2019 - £19,728.

GSSP Partnership £950 Provides staff with CPD opportunities and children with access to borough competitions.
Year 6 Swimming booster sessions £700 Two week intensive courses to enable as many children as possible to achieve the national expectations in swimming.
Competitive opportunities £700 Access to competitive opportunities including school sports days and house competitions.
After school club subsidies £200 Enabling as many children as possible with access to a variety of extracurricular sports clubs.
Orienteering map, control points and resources. £1380 Enables whole school access to high quality orienteering lessons/ allows breadth in the curriculum.
Yoga lessons £7,800 Half termly yoga sessions for each primary class and lunch/after school clubs.
Additional P.E Resources £1,500 Additional resources to enable a wide range of sports to be taught across the curriculum and high quality lessons to be delivered.
Outdoor gym mats £300 Outdoor gym mats for break times to provide children with additional resources
GDA Dance Inset £400 Equipping teachers with confidence and resources to teach high quality dance in the curriculum.
Active days £1,000 Provides whole school activity days to widen participation in physical activity- including providing a high quality and accessible sports day.
Climbing wall £3,000 Freestanding climbing wall to enable all children to have access to additional activities at break and lunchtime.
Total: £17,930

Sports Premium 2017-2018





Effect on participation and attainment.

Sustainability and next steps

Dance Directions Project


Up-skilling of teachers in teaching Dance as part of the curriculum. Enabling all children to have access to a quality dance experience

All children Years 1- 6 participated in a 6 week dance project, culminating in performances to parents. Increased participation in dance clubs after school.

Teachers to use the resources, skills and lesson plans in their subsequent dance lessons. After school dance clubs to continue.

GSSP partnership


Provides children with access to inter school competitions and CPD opportunities.

Over 50 children took part in 5 GSSP competitions and links have made and strengthened with outside organisations to enable wider competitive participation across the borough.


Training and workshops have upskilled the P.E. coordinator and other members of staff through PDMS.


Other links have been created with other schools to increase participation in inter school friendly matches.

The school continues to be a member of the GSSP, which allows children access to a wide variety of sport competitions and staff to consistent training across a variety of sports.


Links continue to be made between the school and other schools, as well as outside organisations.

Playground activity equipment.


Resources to enhance play/lunch time activities, including outdoor tennis tables, portable stereo, skipping ropes.

All children now have access to a wide variety of activities during lunchtime. This has increased participation in physical activity at lunchtimes, contributing to children being active for longer.

More permanent equipment to be purchased for the playground (climbing walls, gym mats) to further increase participation. Sports leaders to contribute to lunch time activities.

EYFS physical education and GMS resources


Various resources to be used to enhance physical activity and gross motor skills in EYFS.

All children in EYFS now have access to a range of equipment which has improved their gross motor skills and achievement towards the early learning goals.

Regular termly audits of equipment to be done.

Yoga Teaching


Weekly yoga teaching (4 classes a day-) and after school club (for KS2)

All children, from Year 1 to Year 6 have had the opportunity to participate in a terms worth of Yoga lessons. An improvement in focus when back in class has been noted across the school.

8 pupil premium children have been attending a weekly lunch time club.

Lessons to continue next year, so that each year group has 12 weeks of Yoga sessions a year. Lunch time and after school club to continue.


Teachers to begin to incorporate mindfulness techniques in their classroom.

Yoga resources


Yoga mats for each child for curriculum classes and after school club

All children have used the Yoga mats as part of their sessions. This has ensured lessons are of a high quality and safe.

Termly audits of equipment.

P.E lesson resources


Resources to enhance and broaden the   delivery of the P.E curriculum- class sets of Netballs, footballs, volleyballs, netball hoops, bibs, boccia sets.

All teachers have access to class sets of a wide variety of sports. This has improved the quality of P.E teaching across the curriculum.

Termly audits of equipment to be done.

Active days


Creating further opportunities for the whole school to become active- Kidz fit/ sport relief obstacle course days.

100% of the school have participated in active days across the year, including fitness sessions, obstacle courses etc.

Continue to provide the school with active days across the year.

Year 6 Swimming Booster sessions


Two week intensive courses for Year 6 to increase the attainment of those who can swim 25 meters.

These enabled the percentage of children being able to swim to improve from 68%- 75%.

Continue with booster sessions- increase to two week intensives next year to improve the percentage.

After school club subsidy


Subsidy for after school basketball, gymnastics, football and yoga clubs.

This has increased participation in after school clubs, especially with children who have not attended clubs before.

Continue to subsidise clubs. Identify key children who would benefit.

Sport kits for competitions




Sport teams kits to represent Eglinton at inter school competitions.


Football Kit was given from several organisations. 

We will look to purchase kits for other sports (netball) to represent the school at competitions.



Total: 14, 779.



 Year 6 swimming proficiency

Percentage that can swim 25 metres: 75%

Range of stokes effectively: 68%

Perform self-rescue: 75% 


Sports Premium 2016-2017


For the academic year 2016-2017 we received £9,720 in funding from the government to ensure that we provide quality sporting opportunities for the whole school community. This includes quality experiences for the children as well as investing into the professional development of our own teachers to provide this throughout the year.

2016-17 Targets:​

  • To improve the quality and breadth of PE and sports provision.  Investment of new Real Gym resources and training and new resources for specific sports.

  • To improve the quality of teaching in PE. Working alongside professional coaches (dance) to improve teacher’s subject knowledge and create a Christmas performance.

  • To improve sporting participation inside and outside of school. Through internal competitions, part of the school games, Kidz Fit workshops, and developing partnerships with local sports clubs.

  • To increase participation in competitive sports. Through Gordon Stead (School Games Organiser), funding registration fees for charity events, funding afterschool clubs

  • To increase the number of children able to swim 25m by the end of KS2. Sending 6+ to The Waterfront for further swimming lessons.

The teaching of this new curriculum will develop as we become more familiar with it, as well as lesson observations from the Sports Advisor for Greenwich.

Actions and use of funding to achieve these targets:

  • Investing in new sporting equipment where it is needed so teachers have the resources to deliver lessons as they require. This will include new Real Gym resources that will supplement the new curriculum in gymnastics. (£1225).

  • Hire Greenwich Dance Company’s (GDA) services to work alongside teaching staff for a whole half term, providing high quality CPD in dance. This will be a whole school focus, working with each year group to create a Christmas performance. (£4000).

  • Kidz Fit instructor conducting workshops with all year groups to promote healthy living and exercise in and outside of school. They will also come to the school sports day to provide activities for the children not participating at that time (£1000).

  • Organising a sporting competition based at Eglinton inviting other local Greenwich schools. Also friendlies with local schools will be arranged on a termly basis to give as many children as possible an opportunity to compete competitively in a variety of sports (£250).

  • Attending and raising money at charity events as Team Eglinton, paying for children to participate and travel to raise awareness and promote independence through fundraising (£200).

  • After this year’s success, the archery instructor will be invited again to conduct sessions with year 5 and 6 during a half term (£1200).

  • Sending 6+ to the waterfront for an additional 6 weeks of lessons with professional instructors, to close the gap on the national swimming average of achieving 25m before the end of KS2 (£700).

  • Money will be put aside to fund the children who participate least in sporting activities, encouraging them to attend after school or local sports clubs. Building links with local sports will be something we wish to develop this year, for active and non-active children (£500).

  • We will attempt to bring an after school judo club to Eglinton this year for a 10 week block, as a trial run for future years, which could become part of our PE curriculum and develop links with a local club. This will open children's eyes to a new sport and provide an opportunity to release tension in a positive way (£1000).

  • To inspire children and give them new experiences, the funding will be used to attend a sporting event at an arena or stadium (£1000).

  • To encourage further use of bikes and make children aware of local facilities and how they can apply their cycling skills, children will attend the BMX training at Hornfair Park to use their fundamental skills, either learning how to cycle or improving their current skill (£1000).

The Impact of the Sports Premium during 2016 – 17:

  • To improve the quality and breadth of PE and sports provision.

  • To improve the quality of teaching in PE.

    • A new PE curriculum, ‘Real PE’, was introduced this year to improve the quality of PE teaching across the whole school through a whole school INSET. This was introduced to develop the fundamental movements of children, starting in KS1. This has impacted 100% of the children and teaching staff at Eglinton Primary School.

    • An investment was made in new sporting equipment to improve the resources teachers have available to deliver Real PE and traditional sports to the highest possible level. New resources have impacted 100% of the children at Eglinton Primary School.

    • For KS1, 36 scooters have been purchased to begin scooter training in year 1 and 2. This will give them new skills that include road safety and another vehicle for exercise. This will impact 100% of KS1 children and create an opportunity for an afterschool club to increase this.

  • To improve sporting participation inside and outside school

    • We hired a specialist archery teacher to deliver archery lessons in our new ball court to years 5 and 6. This was greatly enjoyed by the children and gave them an opportunity to experience a new sport. This has impacted 33% of our primary school children and will continue to benefit more children annually.

    • A specialist lunchtime supervisor was employed to enable us to organise different sporting activities during lunchtimes. This has had an impact on 100% of children, which provided an extra 20 minutes of daily exercise.

    • An investment was made in fencing equipment, to compliment the new curriculum, which was enjoyed by years 3 and 4. This also enabled the teachers to develop their own skills and improve their subject knowledge. We hope to build on this to encourage participation outside of school. This has impacted 33% of our primary school children and will continue to benefit more children annually.

  • To give children a variety of sporting activities that could lead to qualifications for life.

    • 30 children completed the RYA stage 1 sailing qualification at the Ahoy Centre, a qualification that they have for the rest of their life.