Eglinton Primary School and Early Year Centre



Vision & Values

Eglinton Primary School and Early Years Centre is an inclusive and diverse school. We are committed to supporting every child during their time with us to reach their full potential and leave ready for the next stage of their lives.  We build positive, long-lasting relationships and provide continual care, advice and support for our families.  Working with all stakeholders we ensure Eglinton is a safe place for all and our ambitious curriculum enables children to thrive.


Children take an active role in developing the school and their voice is at the heart of everything we do. Learning is underpinned by our values and these are celebrated and embedded within our culture. At Eglinton we strive to offer all our children experiences that enrich their learning and support them to develop lifelong skills.


Parent/Carer Feedback - July 2021


One of the best school in this area, I believe.


All staff are very approachable and friendly this makes a massive difference. Well done all.


The school have been brilliant and very understanding dealing with my son's issues and problems they seem a lot better at catering for my son's needs and always have time for him if he is struggling and put in appropriate measures to help him cope far better than his old school did the staff are friendly and approachable and he never feels judged and knows he can speak to members of staff about any problems he is having.


We have always found the school to be a friendly place and the efforts of all staff over the last year are greatly appreciated. - Thank you.