Eglinton Primary School and Early Year Centre



Vision & Values

Eglinton is a unique Primary School and Early Years Centre for children aged three to eleven.  We are a welcoming, inclusive and a culturally diverse community.  We build positive, long lasting relationships and provide continual care, advice and support for our families.  We support each individual; providing a safe and inspiring learning community for all.

At Eglinton we empower the children to learn, achieve and celebrate their own unique qualities.  Every child understands they are valued as an individual and we celebrate their milestones and achievements. Learning is underpinned by our values and taught through our enriched curriculum.  We ensure that children are active learners and leave our school as independent, curious and self-aware individuals. Eglinton is nationally recognised for using its current research to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning for all.  

We are proud of our school and our children, who are confident and courageous when they leave - ready for their next chapter.  We bring children, parents and staff together on an aspirational journey of discovery fostering a love of lifelong learning.