Eglinton Primary School and Early Year Centre



Welcome to Eglinton Primary!

We are extremely proud of all the hard work that goes into preparing lessons that engage and inspire the children to achieve their best. Rather than saying any more ourselves please read the quotations from parents and children about Eglinton.

I feel safe at school because:

Because you can make lots of friends at school.

You have lots of friends.

I have got all my friends and teachers to keep me safe and happy.

Any time I get in trouble I can speak to my friends and they can give me advice.

“My teachers are always making sure I am doing the right thing.”

Eglinton is great because:

You have people from different countries and you learn new languages.

You can play lots of sports.

Because there are lots of activities.

The special fund raising events make me happy.

As well as learning we also have a lot of fun.

Of how diverse our school is.

Learning is fun at Eglinton because:

The teachers make it fun.

You have loads of fun and other people can help you.

You get wiser and learn more about things.

You get to know different things that you never knew before.

You get to share ideas with other people.

You get to hear other people's opinions.

Parents comments from working with their children in school:

It was agreat pleasure to see all the children enjoying learning and playing together.

Excellent interactive activities brought the topic to life. Children displayed a good level of knowledge.

Amazing time with the children. Learning in a broader sense of the word.

Impressive, informative & artistic. The children showed that they are learning very well.

It was great to see all the children expressing their views, really enjoyed it.

Fantastic efforts by all the children.  Great way of learning and storytelling.

Great work by all the teachers and children.  Everything was inspirational.

Amazing facts and presentation by the kids!  So much passion with information.

The teachers' hard work can be seen through the children.  Wonderful Presentation.  Keep the fire burning!

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the work the children have done this term.  It is always nice to see all their hard work and hear them talk about their learning.  Well done to every single child and all their teachers.  You should all be very proud of yourselves as we are.